I built the Lego Ideas Tuxedo Cat and it's just like my real cat (2024)

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I built the Lego Ideas Tuxedo Cat and it's just like my real cat (1)

The Lego Tuxedo cat purrfectly encapsulates the mannerisms of a cat. It is customizable with a rotating head, paws, and adjustable ears and tail. With 1710 pieces, it offers great value and even more fun. Though heavy and structurally sound, it requires careful handling. Designed with adult builders in mind, it provides an immersive building experience.

Reasons to avoid

  • Smaller than a real cat
  • Bits can fall off when moving
  • Building steps repetitive

The Lego Ideas Tuxedo Catwas released on June 1, 2024, and of course, as a cat lover, I got it immediately.If you adore our feline friends, this is the ideal set for you. Not convinced? Well, read on, because this set is simply purr-fect.

As I write this, one of my cats is dashing around the flat like a maniac, while the other is squeezing his body into the smallest box possible. Meanwhile, my Lego Tuxedo Cat sits majestically. Her name is Sausage, and she is undoubtedly the best-behaved of the three. Cats are curious creatures, and this Lego set captures their mannerisms beautifully—all at a very reasonable price. It’s one of the best Lego sets for adults and is most certainly one of the best Lego Ideas sets.

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I built the Lego Ideas Tuxedo Cat and it's just like my real cat (2)


Lego Ideas Tuxedo Cat specs:

Model number21349
Build timeRoughly 5 hours
Number of pieces1710
Number of minifigures0
Recommended age18+

I built the Lego Ideas Tuxedo Cat and it's just like my real cat (3)


As part of the Lego Ideas range, Lego fan Damian Andres created this set modeled after his fur baby, Miro. Like all the other Lego Ideas sets, the instruction booklet contains fun information about the set. While the design has evolved, the Lego Tuxedo Cat looks remarkably like… a real cat! Despite being slightly smaller than a real cat, the model beautifully captures a cat’s stance, with well-translated curves and accurate body proportions.

The Tuxedo Cat is customizable. You can rotate its head and paws, and adjust its ears and the end of its tail. Choose between gold or blue eyes. The eyepieces are particularly well designed with shading adding to their authenticity. Additionally, you can switch between an open or closed mouth for added variety.

The cat is constructed from the bottom up in seamlessly connected segments. Though heavy, it is structurally sound. However, it must be picked up from the base, as the head can detach easily. The tail and legs also tend to disconnect, but frequent handling is unlikely since it is primarily a display piece.

I built the Lego Ideas Tuxedo Cat and it's just like my real cat (4)

Ease of assembly

Building the Tuxedo Cat was an enjoyable experience for me. At one point, I mistakenly assembled a step backward so it wouldn’t click in properly. It took me a moment to realize the error, requiring me to disassemble and start that step again. It was challenging, and younger builders would likely struggle, but then again, it is recommended for ages 18 and up.

Red and yellow bricks are used frequently to aid building. This is particularly helpful since the entire set is black and white. This color-coding is especially handy if the legs fall off, as each leg is coordinated: the right leg is red, and the left leg is yellow, allowing for quick reattachment.

Each section of the set, such as the head and tail, employs distinct building methods. For example, the base features a solid square structure using lots of window elements, while the tail consists of stacked bricks. The head is even more intricate and technical,with various parts clicking onto it. The set uses a wide variety of different blocks and elements. A minor drawback is that this set suffers from the classic X2 instruction meaning it can be repetitive.

This set primarily uses the new paper bags—kudos to Lego for their more sustainable packaging! However, I found long pieces often getting trapped in the bags, which cost me time searching for them so keep your eyes peeled for this!

I built the Lego Ideas Tuxedo Cat and it's just like my real cat (5)


The Lego Tuxedo cat is very well-priced at $99.99. It comprises 1710 pieces which averages out to just $0.06 per piece. Let’s compare the Tuxedo Cat to The Young Simba the Lion King set which looks very similar in both looks and most likely building experience. This set costs $129.99 and contains 1445 pieces. That’s $0.09 per a piece! The price difference is due to the Disney branding, but the numbers don’t lie—you’re getting more for less with the Tuxedo Cat set.

Here’s what different retailers are asking across the internet:

I built the Lego Ideas Tuxedo Cat and it's just like my real cat (6)


The Lego Tuxedo Cat is an exceptional set that has exceeded my expectations. I’m thrilled with this purchase and eagerly anticipate pranking my partner by pretending it’s our actual tuxedo cat! This set also makes a wonderful gift for any feline enthusiast. With its remarkably realistic design and customizable features, it truly captures the essence of a real cat. The immersive building experience and thoughtful design elements make it a gratifying project. Despite minor issues like occasional part detachment and repetitive instructions, the set offers remarkable value, particularly in comparison to similar sets. Overall, the Tuxedo Cat set showcases the boundless creativity and skill of Lego, promising hours of joy and satisfaction.

I built the Lego Ideas Tuxedo Cat and it's just like my real cat (2024)


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