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Cabarrus County Food Truck Friday was created for local food trucks to come and showcase their talent while promoting the closeness of families.

If you are the owner of this restaurant, to claim this restaurant for free.

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Cabarrus County Food Truck Friday Address329 McGill Ave NW, Concord, United States, 28027.
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  • 8am to 2pm Fee is 30.00 contact me if interested

  • My name is rachael maresco and i am the activites diector and five oaks manor we are having our first annual spring fling festival with about 25 vendors

  • Please message me if you're available for May 12 with your food truck

  • Can you just show up or is their paperwork you need to fill out to be approved

  • The recent hurricanes and heat waves that have devastated our state are evidence that we aren’t acting fast enough

Cabarrus County Food Truck Friday Posts

Ah yeah! A whole new week means a whole new Check out this week's truck lineup that will be serving up your dinner at Gibson Mill!Plant 6 Provisions (starting at 4pm)6-10pm: Taza Food Truck, The Chimi Spot, Ole Buddy’s Oinker Express, Big City Bites, Hiya Food Truck, Whatza Spiedie, Cremoso Cheesecake

We're rolling through the summer, and keeping things hot on Friday nights here at Check out this Friday's truck lineup!Plant 6 Provisions (starting at 4pm)6-10pm: Wingz on Wheelz, Mambo on Reudas, Cousins Maine Lobster, Dumpling Girls, My Sausage Buddy, Bad Mother Smokers, Emergensweets

Who's ready to grab their dinner from a truck this Friday night?! Well, you're in luck! We have you covered there! Leave those pots and pans alone, and come have dinner with us this Friday night at Here's this week's truck lineup:Plant 6 Provisions (starting at 4pm)6-10pm: Dragon Boat, A Taste of Culture, Wrraps Around the World, Caribbean Buzz, Ace of Spuds, Momo Truck, The Art of Baking

Congratulations to our weekly hosts, Cabarrus Brewing Company on their Best Of Show win at this year's NC Brewers Cup!Word on the street is, there is still a little bit of this beer on tap in the CBC Tap Room, so you may want to drop by this Friday night and wash down your dinner from a truck with it while you can! ;)Wow! Results from the 2019 are in! We are greatly humbled – and honored – to announce that our Daisy Roots English Summer Ale took home the Best In Show trophy in this year's competition!/ was also heavily represented in the winner's circle! A HUGE Congrats to our friends at Southern Strain Brewing Company and Twenty-Six Acres Brewing Company for bringing medals home to Concord as well! It's a great time to be a craft beer drinker in Cabarrus County.We also brought home hardware for: Travelin' Light Lager (Silver Medal, International Lager), Daisy Roots (Gold Medal, Pale British Beer & Bitter), Rocky River IPA (Bronze Medal, American IPA) and Sew Juicy (Honorable Mention, New England IPA)Check out all the winners here:

Another week, another Check out this week's lineup, and make your plans to get your dinner from a truck this Friday night!Plant 6 Provisions (starting at 4pm)6-10pm: Ole Buddy’s Oinder Express, Caribbean Buzz, Big City Bites, , Hot Tamale, Donut I Love You

Who's ready to get their dinner from a truck tonight?! Join us tonight from 6-10pm at Gibson Mill for everyone's favorite night of the week! :)Another week, another Check out this week's lineup, and make your plans to get your dinner from a truck this Friday night!Plant 6 Provisions (starting at 4pm)6-10pm: Ole Buddy’s Oinder Express, Caribbean Buzz, Big City Bites, , Hot Tamale, Donut I Love You

You want food trucks?! Oh, dontchu' worry, we have plenty of food trucks coming atcha' next Friday, March 13th for 2020 CabCo Food Truck Friday Season Kickoff! Be sure to plan on dropping by Cabarrus Brewing Company all weekend March 13-15 for their Hoppy 4th Beerthday To Us! celebration. You should plan to come hungry! ;)Friday:- 2020 CabCo Food Truck Friday Season Kickoff! - 6-10pm- Food truck lineup: Plant 6 Provisions, Dragon Boat. Mambo on Ruedas, The Garbage Truck, Queen City Sliders, Dan Good Que, Baltimore Crab, Cremoso CheesecakesSaturday:- Food Truck Lineup: Plant 6 Provisions; Taza Truck (Vegan), Hilltop Seafood, Bad Mother Smokers, Crafty Burger, Donut I Love USunday:Food Truck Lineup: Plant 6 Provisions, JJ Lange's Beatz and Eatz, Snowies (making waffles inside the Tap Room!)

Hello everyone, as with everything else right now, we are postponing until further notice. It's a bummer, and this is definitely not how we were hoping the start of the 2020 FTF season was gonna go, but right now the responsible thing to do is follow the guidelines set forth by our leaders and medical community. So everyone stay safe and keep checking in. We'll get back to all the FTF goodness as soon as we can!

We just wanted to take a quick second to say "THANK YOU!" to everyone who came out last night for the re-kick off of the 2020 season. Everyone was very respectful, courteous and understanding of the new rules and guidelines. We appreciate everyone's help in making this event safe and fun for everyone! See you next Friday! ?

?IMPORTANT INFO, PLEASE READ:?Please keep in mind that although we are bringing FTF back, there will be some changes that we, unfortunately, must implement due to the current COVID-19 guidelines:- If you are outside in the event of rain, DO NOT GO INSIDE THE TAP ROOM OR ON THE PATIO AT CABARRUS BREWING COMPANY. They have strict occupancy guidelines mandated by the state of NC, and each table must be sat from the host stand. If there is rain, please RETURN TO YOUR VEHICLE and wait for it to pass.- We do ask that you practice social distancing- We encourage you to wear a mask- There will be less trucks than normal so things can be spaced out and allow for distancing- EACH TRUCK MAY HAVE THEIR OWN ORDERING AND SERVICE GUIDELINES, so please read those guidelines below, and be mindful and respectful of that- Due to increased guidelines, orders may take longer than normal to arrive, so please be patient and understandingService guidelines:- Plant 6 Provisions - order at your table with server at Cabarrus Brewing Company and your food will be delivered to your table. DO NOT APPROACH THE TRUCK TO ORDER. (See menu photo attached to this post)- Dumpling Girls - can take pre-orders via text to 704-634-0815. (See menu photo and ordering guidelines attached to this post)- My Sausage Buddy - order at the truck (See menu photo attached to this post)- Sprinkles Dessert Truck - order from the truck (See menu photo attached to this post)

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  • Food Truck In Concord, NC

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Cabarrus County Food Truck Friday Concord, NC - Reviews, Location - HungryFoody (2024)


How do I find a location to set up a food truck? ›

Just know what is going on in your area, and then see if your food truck is allowed to crash the party. Your prime location could be at a food truck park, near a populated place (such as a bar scene, or near a college campus), downtown, near a business district, etc.

Where is the best place to park your food truck? ›

Locations to Consider: What is the best place to park my food truck? | All American Food Trucks — All American Food Trucks
  • Parks for Food Trucks. ...
  • Districts of Commerce. ...
  • Markets for Farmers. ...
  • Nightclubs and bars. ...
  • Sports Venues, Festivals, and Events. ...
  • Service Stations that sell gasoline. ...
  • Campuses of Universities. ...
  • Last Thoughts.

Where are there the most food trucks? ›

Here's the full list of the 10 best cities in the U.S. for food trucks, according to Food & Wine:
  • Portland, Oregon.
  • Los Angeles.
  • Austin.
  • New York.
  • San Francisco.
  • Honolulu.
  • San Diego.
  • Houston.
May 4, 2023

Where is food truck friday bloomington? ›

The Monroe County DCS office is partnering their event with food truck Friday at Switchyard park.

What is the app that shows the location of food trucks? ›

Truckster -The Food Truck App. Track live locations to see which trucks are serving near you. Filter your map by day of the week, ordering availability, and more. Earn discounts on future orders.

Can you add a food truck to Google Maps? ›

Google categorizes moving food trucks as Service Area Business, which shows no permanent address to users. However, Google will still need you to go through the address verification process.

What location are food trucks most successful? ›

Business Districts or Large Office Buildings

If the city allows it, park near major offices and business locations where the 9-5 workers can easily reach you during their lunch breaks. Your city's downtown area is a great option. Successful food trucks incorporate marketing into their location choices.

Where is the best place to own a food truck? ›

Where Is the Best Place to Own a Food Truck?
  • In a food truck park or court, where people can come to explore a multitude of food trucks.
  • Farmer's markets, where people are searching for a mix of food and other treats.
  • Business districts, where people often need a quick and delicious bite for lunch.

Who eats most from food trucks? ›

43% of Middle-Class Millennials Make the Greatest Customer Category for Food Truck. People aged between 25 and 44 years eat mostly from food trucks and account for 43% of food truck sales. This group eats truck food because they have supportive funds, while the 18-24 age group accounts for only 20% of food truck sales.

What is the food truck capital of the US? ›

San Diego, California:

San Diego's food truck scene thrives in the city's laid-back, outdoor-centric lifestyle, offering an array of culinary delights that complement its picturesque beaches and sunny skies. The city's food trucks are not just a dining option but a key part of San Diego's vibrant culture.

How do you get on the great food truck race? ›

To apply, email with your name, age, phone number, photo, proposed teammates and their photos, description of your culinary background, and the idea for your food truck. Only people who have never owned or operated their own food truck will be considered.

Where are the food trucks at the National Mall? ›

Food Trucks

Food trucks on the National Mall usually line up on 14th Street near the Washington Monument and 7th Street near the museums. The best thing about eating a food trucks is that there's usually a pretty good variety. So, everybody in your family or group can usually find something that makes them happy.

What do I need to start a food truck in Los Angeles? ›

What licenses and permits are required to open a food truck in Los Angeles, California?
  1. Mobile Food Facility Permit. Purpose: This permit is required to legally operate a food truck in Los Angeles, CA. ...
  2. Valid DMV Registration. ...
  3. Business Permit. ...
  4. Food Safety Certification. ...
  5. More Resources. ...
  6. Learn More About Los Angeles.
Jan 10, 2024

What social media outlets are food trucks using? ›

By using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, Food Trucks can showcase their food, share their locations, and engage with their followers in real-time. By leveraging the power of social media, Food Trucks can build a loyal following and attract new customers to their mobile kitchens.


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