Ariana Grande reveals if she is doing an Eternal Sunshine tour (2024)

12 March 2024, 12:13

Ariana Grande reveals if she is doing an Eternal Sunshine tour (1)

Ariana Grande opens up about her new album Eternal Sunshine

Ariana Grande reveals if she is doing an Eternal Sunshine tour (2)

By Sam Prance

Everything we know about Ariana Grande's Eternal Sunshine Tour tickets, prices, presale, dates and setlist so far.

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I'm so into the idea of seeing Ariana Grande do an Eternal Sunshine tour this year, I can barely breathe...but is it happening?

Last time Ariana Grande released an album, it was the pandemic and she told Zach Sang that she had no interest in touring Positions until it was safe to do so. She said that she didn't want to put her fans in any danger. Ariana also teased that she liked touring Sweetener and Thank U, Next together and likely wouldn't do another tour until she had another album out.

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Fast forward to 2024 and the Eternal Sunshine era is officially in full swing. Is Ariana Grande going on tour this year though? If she is, what are the tour dates, locations, ticket prices and presale codes? Here's what Ariana has said about it so far.

When is Ariana Grande going on tour?

Ariana Grande reveals if she is doing an Eternal Sunshine tour (5)

Will there be an Eternal Sunshine tour?

Talking to Zach Sang about a potential Eternal Sunshine tour in February 2024, Ariana said: "I would love to do shows. I love being on stage. I miss being on stage. I miss my fans so much. That's the honest to god truth."

However, Ariana then admitted that she struggled with touring in 2019. She said: "I had a really hard time emotionally on my last tour but I think that's because of where I was at. Just like with music, I'm really excited to redefine my relationship to shows when I'm ready and to see what that looks like."

As for if there's time in 2024, Ariana added: "I do have a very busy year with this [album] and with Wicked, and then next year I also have Wicked Part Two. I'm interested to see what that would look like. It would obviously be shorter if it were anything it would be a littler something."

Ariana ended by saying: "I definitely do have the itch. But then again, I’m not ready to announce any sort of thing, or get people too excited because I don’t want to disappoint."

With this in mind, it appears that no tour is currently set in stone. However, Ariana may still do a small run of shows so bookmark this page for updates.

Ariana Grande is unsure if she will tour 'Eternal Sunshine' 🎤

— Zach Sang Show (@ZachSangShow) February 27, 2024

Ariana Grande tour presale codes: How to find a presale code for your country

As it stands, Ariana has said nothing official about a tour so far. A couple of fan tweets have gone viral suggesting that there is a tour presale access code in her website coding but these all appear to be fake with fans simply using it as a way to encourage people to preorder Ariana's album. Nevertheless, if a tour happens, there will likely be a presale.

If Ariana follows in the footsteps of artists like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, she will probably have a Citi Verified Fan Presale in the US and an O2 Priority Presale in the UK. There may also be separate Live Nation and fan presales.

If Ariana does announce a tour, it would be wise to sign up to her mailing list to get any presale information as soon as it becomes available.

Ariana Grande tour ticket prices: How much will the tickets be?

Prices for an Ariana Grande Eternal Sunshine tour will likely depend on what kind of venues she performs in. Tickets for her last arena tour cost between $35 and $225. Based on her telling Zach Sang, she'd like to do something smaller, there's a chance that venues will be smaller and tickets will be more expensive.

Ariana Grande reveals if she is doing an Eternal Sunshine tour (6)

Eternal Sunshine Tour dates: When is Ariana Grande going on tour in 2024?

Again, there's no news yet on whether Ariana is touring this year so no dates are currently available. If she does tour in any capacity it will have to take place before official promotion for Wicked starts. Wicked comes out in cinemas worldwide on November 27th. Taking this into consideration, any tour would likely wrap before November.

Ariana Grande tour locations: What cities will Ariana Grande play in?

While I think we would all like an Eternal Sunshine world tour, Ariana's Zach comments suggest that whatever she does for Eternal Sunshine will be on a much smaller scale than Sweetener.

With this in mind, it's unlikely that there will be shows outside of the US but she could have a livestream or filmed show planned.

Ariana Grande reveals if she is doing an Eternal Sunshine tour (7)

Ariana Grande Eternal Sunshine tour setlist: What songs will she play?

Without any tour announcements, there's no knowing what songs Ariana Grande would perform on an Eternal Sunshine tour at the moment. Nevertheless, Ariana tends to heavily feature her recent projects in live shows, so expect lots of songs from Eternal Sunshine and Positions to feature alongside her biggest hits.

If Ariana does one-off Eternal Sunshine shows, it's also possible that she will opt to perform the album in full instead of a more traditional setlist.

Bookmark this page and we'll let you know as soon as we know more.

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Ariana Grande reveals if she is doing an Eternal Sunshine tour (8)

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Ariana Grande reveals if she is doing an Eternal Sunshine tour (2024)


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